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 After finding the new streetwear brand Nerds & Millionaires a few months ago I fell in love with their clothing completely. Their clothes are effortlessly cool and easy to wear meaning they are casual statement pieces in your wardrobe. 

When I asked them to give me some more information on the brand they told me:

Nerds & Millionaires is a fresh new streetwear brand based in London & Los Angeles. They have just released their very first collection, which include: Crew neck sweatshirts, T-shirts, beanies and snapbacks. You will notice that a lot of their pieces feature their iconic Nerd branding. Most of the pieces are limited edition and won’t be included in up coming seasons.  You can check out the full collection here.”

I personally love the cool and geek chic unisex items which are really reasonably priced. The tops can be styled with almost anything from jeans, to being popped on under a dress. The choice of how to wear these items is never ending.  Not only do the items sold give you endless styling fun, with most being limited edition pieces you can’t help but feeling like your in the cool geek gang of the clothing industry when wearing them. The items also give you that effortless feel.

For more information on Nerds & Millionaires check them out on twitter and Facebook,

Here is me posing in my casually styled Nerds & Millionaires T-shirt.

Judith x


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