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A Summertime Dress

So it was my little Sisters High School Prom last week and I had to find a pretty dress that I could dress down because no one wants to upstage the prom girl!

I’m in love with this ZARA Woman dress, £49.99. The dress is beautifully backless allowing you to wear to bra-less and show off your back or you can wear it with a bra or bandeau, if you don’t feel comfortable going bra-less, and it will still look great. I have a pretty small chest so bra-less is not an issue for me.

Please excuse the low definition of the photos, my camera is broken!

I decided to team the dress with black tights and mid-heel Chelsea boots as I was after a more dressed down look.
I am  wearing this dress  to a friends 21st in July and will style it totally different and show you all!

Can we also just all take a minute to appreciate how pretty my sister looked at prom?

Jude x


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