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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step System

Like many girls I have always dreamed of having beautiful clear spot free skin. I literally tried everything out there from Simple to Freederm but nothing seemed to be able to get rid of those blemishes that would appear every so often. Speaking to a few close friends I realised that maybe I would have to spend that little bit more to achieve clear skin.

In March I went to my local Boots store and hit the Clinique counter. I got speaking to the Clinique representative and explained my skin issues which had troubled me for years. She offered a free consultation there and then and recommended what she thought would help to get rid of my problems. I am so glad I was offered this as I quickly found out everything I thought I knew (from guessing over the years) about my skin was wrong. After spending years buying sensitive/oily skin products I found out that I actually had dry skin and that using the wrong types of products was part of the problem. 
I was recommended Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step System. The first step is a cleansing foam which you apply to damp skin and wash off, the next step is the clarifying lotion which is applied the same way as a toner. The final step is the clearing moisturiser which you only need to apply a pea sized amount all over your face. Using the products twice a day you will definitely see results within 4 weeks – I did! Four weeks may seem like a long time but once you get into the habbit of using the products day and night it does not seem that long and the results are completely worth adding these 3 simple steps to your morning and night routine.
I am in love with this product. Having used it for almost six months I would honestly recommended it to anyone who was unhappy with there skin. If you have problematic skin go and speak to your Clinique representative as they will definitely by able to advise you on what is best for you and your skin. They also phone you after four weeks to ensure that you are happy with the results and book you in for another consultation in case you have any questions.
I hope this helps all of you out there who have blemishes or problematic skin,

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