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Primark Find!

Primark is usually my place to go if I want to buy on-trend seasonal items that I feel are only going to be around for a short amount of time, without spending a complete fortune. I  love the fact that many of the clothes from Primark are good quality and will last you just as long as other high street clothes. So whilst having a perusal there a few days ago I came across this incredible jacket. With a lumberjack inspired body with faux leather sleeve this jacket as it is right up my street in terms of style and therefore there was no way I was not buying this for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

There are three things I absolutely love about this jacket. 
  1. It was only £25 which if you ask me for this type of jacket is a bargain! 
  2. Its super comfy and the lining is thick meaning it will keep you warm in the winter months
  3. It looks like it is so much more expensive than it is.
The jacket is really easy to style as well and I am having great fun putting together outfits with this jacket as the statement piece.
 1. Jacket – Primark _ £25
2. Top – Zara Basic – £22.99
3. Disco Pants -American Apparel – £74
4. Boots – Miss Selfridge – £48
5. Necklace – SisterVitage – £4
Do you not just love finding great High street pieces at great prices?


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