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Dare to bare?

So I am way behind on the love for all Clinique products. Having only started using  them in March I can honestly say I would never stray away from their facial products. Not only are they kind and gentle to your skin, they actually work exactly as they are meant to. After gushing to you about how much I love the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step System, I am now going to gush about my love for their make-up removal products: Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk and Take The Day Off Make-up Remover For Lids, Lashes and Lips.

I start removing my make-up by using Take The Day Off Make-up Remover For Lids, Lashes and Lips. This product is insane and you only need to use a little of the lotion on a cotton pad to remove even the toughest of products in a few simple and gentle wipes. I have found this product great to remove waterproof mascara as well as tough dark lipstick which can usually stain lips. I love the fact that with this product I can remove dark make up and lips in seconds and I don’t have to rub my eyes or lips too hard meaning that less damage is cause.

Next I use Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk. This product is easy to use and takes off the rest of your make up in seconds. Simply rub the cleansing milk all over your face, avoiding your eyes – I learnt the hard way it can be a little bit stingy on sensitive eyes, and either wipe off with cotton pads or wash off with warm water. 

By using these two products I know that my face is make-up free before using the 3 Step System and jumping into bed after a long day. I also love knowing that these products are kind to my skin and though they are quite expensive they do last for a long time! 

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