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There has been quite a buzz recently about fairly new online jewellery store LVNDR and I now completely understand why. 

The website is created by the lovely blogger Em from Em Talks and everything is beautiful done from the website to the packaging to the amazing and beautiful jewellery available to buy. The packing arrived and was classic and cute. I carful unwrapped the string wrapped around the tissue paper and opened the parcel to find the jewellery beautifully wrapped in a little draw string bag with the LVNDR logo attached by a small clip. (I love the originality of the packaging – makes it stand out from other jewellery companies).

The rings are really beautiful. I bought the ‘love’ and ‘xoxo’ rings. I have pretty small hands and slender fingers which means usually when I buy from online stores the jewellery is slightly too big but I loved how well these rings fitted. There is 3 colours to choose from with the ‘love’ ring and two with the ‘xoxo’ ring so you can choose whatever colour is perfect for your day-in-day-out style! 
I can not wait to shop here again (my new pay day treats for sure) and I would recommend everyone to go check out the site. I would be very surprised if you did not find something on the site that you absolutely fell in love with. 

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