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Gray’s Fashion Show: Emma McMahon

Another amazing designer from the Gray’s School of Art was Emma McMahon. When I asked Emma about her collection she said “My collection was inspired by Norse mythology and I wanted to keep the collection quite soft but with a hard edge. I wanted to tell a story, almost like the calm before the storm to the battle at the end. The stories of the valkryies, being these strong woman who decided the fates of man was something I was inspired by. I was lucky enough to get a runner up sponsorship from Biddle Sawyer Silks in London so my gorgeous silk chiffons were from there and I get to exhibit in their shop during London Fashion Week, it will run 25th August – 15th September. As well as my chiffon it then it was teamed with hand coloured leathers and hand made chainmail accessories.”

I loved Emma’s designs and thought they were high fashion but with a ready to wear twist! If you want to know more about Emma find her on Facebook, Instagram or email e.mcmahon@outlook.com

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