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Gray’s Fashion Show: Letty Bishop

On Saturday and Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the Gray’s School of Art Graduate Fashion Show and I have to say I was blown away with the talent and skill of the graduates. I was also lucky enough to know and them meet some of the designers and speak to them about their pieces. 

Letty Bishop’s collection was truely outstanding and stunning. I awed her pieces and wondered just how long she took placing each individual gem on the amazing dress. When asked to describe her collection she said ” My graduate collection ‘CTPAX’ (meaning anxiety) envisaged a world stricken by chemical warfare. ‘Disease and parasites run rampant and unchecked, as tumour riddled bodies struggle in the wasteland.’”

Letty then continued saying ” Imagine a world destroyed by chemical warfare, humanoid beings deformed by tumours and melted skin bundle across an acrid desert. Some are riddled with parasites and their eggs; others have resorted to stitching their bodies together to stay alive. The collection tells a story of the first response to the disaster, and follows the degradation of health in a linear manner until reaching the finale of a jewel encrusted, tumor laden queen.”   

The collection is truly amazing. If you would like to see more of Letty’s work or get in touch with her you can find details on her website – modemort.com,


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