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Beauty: Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask

I find that my skin really needs a lot of attention. It’s spot prone, psoriasis patched and a combination of oily and dry (It’s never straightforward with me and skin).

Finding a facemask that can accommodate to all of these skin problems is an issue and hard to find so when I found ‘Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish Mud Mask 100ml’ in Boots for only £4.99 I was interested in trying it out. 

I found that the mask was perfect for my skin. The mask contains Sea Mud, which is great as it absorbs the oil in your skin and helps control it. I found that the Sea Mud didn’t dry out or irritate it    my psoriasis but actually soothed it and mad it less red unlike most facemasks. The mask also contains tea tree, which is great for pulling out impurities and closing pores. All in all, the facemask is multipurpose, great for lots of different skin types and a wee bargain at only £4.99!

Do you have a facemask that you love? 

Photography Source: www.boots.com


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