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Lifestyle: 21 Things I Did Whilst I Was 21

As my 22nd birthday fast approaches (It’s on Wednesday AHHH), I thought it would be fun to share with you 21 things that I did whilst I was 21!
  1. I went to New York City  (First Time in America)
  2. I ran my first ever 5K
  3. I wrote a 13,000 word Dissertation (and cried when it was over)
  4. I finished University
  5. I graduated with a 2:1 Degree
  6. I started my first grown up job
  7. I quit my first grown up job
  8. I moved home and back in with my parents
  9. I managed my first interior design project
  10. I dyed my hair a colour other than blonde! (I went Grey)
  11. I went to Dublin
  12. I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (BEST DAY EVER)
  13. I collaborated with a brand for the first time. Thank you ASOS for giving me a chance!
  14. I voted in Scotland’s Independence Vote and watched history happen.
  15. I finally stopped biting my nails and let them grow!
  16. I re-started my blog properly after barely using it for 2 years
  17. I started working 2 jobs (Intern and Waitress) and work 6 days a week, run a blog and try my best to have a social life. It’s tough but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  18. My Blog was featured in a LA Magazine!
  19. I had my first night out in Glasgow
  20. I went camping in a Wigwam
  21. I had my writing published in a online magazine

So it’s been a busy wee year for me. Let’s see what being 22 brings!


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