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Lifestyle: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…..

I literally cannot believe my 22nd birthday has been and gone. Having had such an amazing year turning and being 21 I really did not want this birthday to come around (Like do we really HAVE to grow up?).
To celebrate my birthday I had a fabulous night  in Glasgow with the girls. Three of us have birthdays in February so we decided to all go out for one big night out to celebrate all three of us turning 22.  We went to Hillhead Book Club for food and drinks which were amazing. If you go beware of the £3 mojitos, they are amazing but lethal! 
Yesterday (My actual birthday) was lovely and very relaxing. I opened present from my family in the morning and I was completely spoiled! My Mum and I then went to One Cove Road in Gourock for a wonderful breakfast before heading up to Silverburn in Glasgow for a spot of shopping and a chilled out lunch at Five Guys.

When I got home I spent the rest of the night with more family and cake (I was given a Jammie Dodger cake as it had my initials on it!) before sitting down with my Mum, Dad and Sister to eat a wonderful meal and then watched the Brits.

I was dreading turning 22, however if every ‘grown up’ birthday is spent like yesterday was, I will always love ‘grown up’ birthdays. 

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