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At the start of the year I decided I wanted to get fit and healthy. After years of unhealthy eating and minimal exercise I had fallen out of love with my body which, to be honest, really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. My main problem area to me was always my stomach. It was bloated and not flat at all which meant I never wanted it on show or for people to see it.

On my journey to gain a flat stomach I embarked on healthy eating and at homework outs. I hate the gym but as I am also trying to save some money I decided to use blogger fitness workouts including Blogilates and my friend Natalie’s Blog Globesquatter Fitness. Both of these lovely ladies do workouts which are effective and involve no equipment at all! It means I can hide in my room and workout without worrying about anyone seeing me or my sweaty face and out-of-breath breathing technique.

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14 Day Fruiteatox – £19.99

Whilst I found healthy eating and regular exercise helped, I noticed that my stomach was still extremely bloated and turned to the internet to see what people were recommending to help bloated stomaches.

There are lots, and I mean lots, of detox companies out there all claiming to do the same thing – beat bloatedness and give you a lovely flat stomach. The majority of these detoxes are ‘Tea” based and called teatoxes. I was wary to try a few of them due to the ingredients in them. Lots had chemicals or words I couldn’t pronounce and it was with these ones I found lots of people were having issues with side effects whilst taking the tea (Including headaches, stomach pains and lots of running to the toilet) and not seeing much in the way of results.

When I saw Fruiteatox I was happy to see that all the ingredients were known to me. Although the nighttime tea (which you take every second night) did contain a very mild laxative, this was made very clear to you and it was very clear that this must be taken every second night.


Before and After

I decided to try the 14-day teatox first to see if I liked it. I have to say that I loved this teatox and will be buying the 28-day teatox to do next. Both the morning and night time tea tasted delicious and was very easy to drink. I found that I had no side effects and saw great results after only 7 days of the detox. Another great thing about Fruiteatox was that I didn’t have to give up anything for the results to work like you have to do with some of the other teatoxes. Yes, I did eat healthy however I wasn’t restricted in any way nor did I have to cut anything out of my diet to see results!

I would seriously recommend this teatox to anyone who is looking to try one! I’m off to buy the 28-day teatox next in my quest to find my abs!



  1. Mariel
    7th April 2015 / 10:48 PM

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been considering Fruiteatox, after hearing about YourTea constantly but not being totally convinced. Do you have a list of the ingredients?

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