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Accessories | The Perfect Fringe Bag

I am completely obsessed with anything that has fringing on it. Whether it be bags, coats, dresses or shoes – If it has fringing on it then I am probably going to buy it (Which is totally not great when you are trying to save money and not buy everything in sight!). I have recently purchased, in my opinion, the perfect fringe bag for everyday use.

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I purchased this  bag from Punkyfish and I have to say it was an absolute steal at only £10! The bag is a shoulder bag (also comes with an attachable long strap) and has three compartments inside, plus an inside pocket and a back zip pocket. It holds everything I need for work with added room for any little bits and bobs I pick up on my travels or if I need to carry something extra with me that day.

I love the colour of this bag too! It’s not too dark for Spring/Summer yet not too light for Autumn and Winter – It truly is an all year round bag. Let my love for fringing live on.

If you are looking for your ideal fringe bag go grab one now!


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