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Lifestyle | How to get Extra Time in Bed

I used to always wake up and wish for a good extra 5 – 30mins in bed before I have to get up and face the day. Don’t get my wrong I love my job but I guess I will just never be a morning person. If, like me you dream of an extra 30mins in bed, take a look at my 3 tips below to ensure some extra lie-in time no matter what day it is.

1. Plan your outfit the night before.

This might sound like an obvious one but is amazing how much time you spend in the morning by having a pre-planned outfit. Each night before work I ensure I have checked the weather forecast for the next day and planned a nice outfit to suit with the weather and what I have going on that day. As well as this I ensure I have a staple backup outfit ready and waiting just incase the weather forecaster go it wrong (Living in the West Coast of Scotland this can happen a lot). By planning your outfit the night before it allows you to get up and get dressed without the faffing or the daily struggle of ‘I have nothing to wear’ routine.

2. Have a uniform

I’m not talking school uniform here but for those that work in an office or can wear your own clothes to work I always think it is a good idea to have a basic work ‘uniform’ which you can wear daily  but every day it looks different. For example, to my office job I wear a dress or skirt and top everyday to work with my trustee Chelsea Boots (Uniform). I then make it look different each day by wearing different accesorries, jackets or cardigans. I find that by having this ‘uniform’ it also me to completely differentiate my work clothes to my regular clothes and means that finding something to wear to work takes a lot less time, hassle and decision making.

3. Prepare your lunch the night before

Again this one might seem quite obvious but by preparing and packing your lunch the night before and storing it in the fridge allows you to just pick up and go in the morning. This means there is no hassle in getting food together or finding enough snacks for during the day. It also allows you to be more organised and means you could pack a healthier lunch instead of having to nip to the shop because you have forgotten something. Again this saves at least 10-15minutes of faffing in the morning.

What are your tips to shave time off your morning routine?


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