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Something a little different on the blog today, we are talking about the new male shirt brand taking the UK by storm FIER.IMG_3945

FIER is a retailer specialising in luxury shirts with unique sizing for athletic men with broad shoulders, a wide neck and a narrow waist. Launched in the UK, FIER believe in supporting local suppliers and producing high quality products.

FIER recognised there was a need for ready to wear shirts for athletic men and realised there was no real solution after having conversations with friends who were complaining about uncomfortable shirts. Once the seed had been planted about this problem they saw the need for a solution everywhere; in offices, at bars and special occasions. After researching to see if there were any existing solutions, it quickly became apparent there were none. And so FIER was born.Fier_Lookbook_Full_Res_2_2_of_49_largeI caught up with the designers to find out more.

What inspired you to work in fashion?
My background is a combination of retail, marketing and management; I have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and participating in sport. When I spotted a gap in the market for athletic fit shirts for men it made sense for me to combine my work and passions.

What influences your designs?
I worked with a team of experienced designers, suppliers and manufactures to develop the initial collection for FIER. I wanted the design to be a twist on the classic dress shirt, not only in fit but also with subtle unique features. We researched the characteristics of well-dressed men and drew on the common elements of classic cut and distinctive but subtle patterns. The exclusive design of the shirts yoke is something that has never been done before and it works well to differentiate FIER in the market.

What is next for your company and brand?
In the fashion industry you must be able to keep up with the fast pace of it all, this means that we always need to be planning and thinking ahead as to what our next move will be. At present we are working on launching a line of casual shirts that will be available in the coming months along with some other really great new innovations.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love Thom Browne’s designs; he takes on a classic garment and develops it into something completely new by adding features that are consistent with the brand. Additionally anything from Savile Row is going to be an investment piece, the care, quality and service is somewhat of an inspiration. These influences can be seen in the FIER’s athletic fit shirts.

Who would be your dream front row?

• David Ghandy, model – to get him in a FIER shirt would be fantastic.
• Imran Amed, founder of Business of Fashion – He could give us some fantastic coverage to both trade and retailers.
• Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods – Having FIER stocked by Harrods would be a dream come true.
• My Family – They mean a lot to me and I would want to share my experience with them.


Check out the FIER website here.


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