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Recently I stumble across a website called Contiki, which many of your are probably aware of. If you are not aware Contiki is an international travel company that organise and put of trips, an excellent ally for anyone who has the spontaneous feeling of wanderlust.

Since I have decided to start saving up to go on lots of these trips, I  thought I would share with you my top wanderlust destinations.

1. New York City

IMG_0443Ok, so yes I admit I have already been to NYC and explored but I would love to go and wander there again. I think New York is definitely on of those cities you could visit a million times and never tire of or be stuck doing the same thing.

2. Bali
Bali-Templeoh Bali. Whenever I hear the name I instantly think of relaxation and finding yourself. To travel bali would be incredible, wake up to golden beaches and yoga under clear blue skies – someone take me away now!

3. IndiaThe culture in India really does fascinate me. I think to go there and experience their markets, their festivals and just their overall culture would be something that would stay with you for life.


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