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Review | St Tropez In-Shower 3 Minute Tan

I have finally found an at home tan I can use that doesn’t leave my super pale skin orange, streaky or patchy.  After years of using multiple brands of fake tans and earlier this year finally admitting defeat to them, I decided to give the new St Tropez In-Shower 3 Minute Tan a go after  reading rave reviews from many of my favourite bloggers.IMG_4141

This tan is AMAZING and so so easy to apply. Say goodbye to bad smells and waiting for the tan to dry in before putting clothes on or jumping into bed. The best thing about this tan – CLEAN BEDSHEETS. No longer do you wake up looking like you have gone to bed and rolled around with a bag of Watsits which have been smooshed into your sheets – please tell me I’m not the only one this happened too?

The product is simple to use. Jump in the shower and give yourself a good cleanse like you would before fake tanning normally. Then, turn the shower off, jump out and dry yourself before applying an even amount of lotion all over your body and wait three minutes before jumping back in the shower and washing the lotion off with just water (rinse yourself off basically). Back out the shower and carefully and gently dry yourself before popping your jammies on and going to bed. I would recommend doing this just before bed to allow the tan to develop.

Now, lets talk about the glow I got from this bottle. It was a nice subtle, sun kissed pick me up that I needed. I built it up over four days and I have to say I was really happy with the colour. If you are looking for a subtle glow that isn’t too obvious, this is the tan for you or if you are looking for a light build up before a holiday this is a great answer as it will fade as you build up your real tan.

What are your favourite tanning products?



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