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Lifestyle | London Day3 – #WokingFoodFest

Okay, so London Day3 technically wasn’t in London  but I still had a wonderful day sampling food and enjoying the sunshine at the #WokingFoodFestival.

IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4772 IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4776 IMG_4777 IMG_4780

My last day in London was incredibly relaxing and it was great to spend a day in the sunshine with my family before heading to the airport.

IMG_4782 IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4786 IMG_4787

Of course I stopped at Duty Free and bought some much needed (Definitely not needed) Nars Make-up and a wee drink before I got on the plane.

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the taking off and landing photos I managed to take?


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