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Beauty | Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm

At the tender age of 22 you may think that I’m too young for use age reverse products however the Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm is so much more than an age reverse product.

Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm has Hyaluronic Acid which retains moisture as well as potent antioxidants help prevent damage from daily environmental stressors.  The fact that this products help to restore and retain the moisture in the face is why I love this product!Exuvience HydraFirm Moisturiser

Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm – c/0 Exuviance

It was suggested that I should use this product, especially around areas of my psoriasis, to help moisturise my skin and allow my psoriasis to stay as moisturised as possible throughout the day without having to constantly re-apply moisturiser over make-up.

I think the Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm is the perfect moisturiser for anyone with super dry skin and is looking for a relief from dry skin which will keep your skin hydrated all day long.

What is your favourite moisturiser for dry skin?


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