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Lifestyle | Short Haul Hand-luggage Essentials

I am off on a adventure to Manchester this weekend for my friends Hen do! I love flying, it really doesn’t bother me. Though I haven’t been abroad in a few years, I have been on many short haul flights this year which has made me realise there are some essentials you must pack to get you through a short haul flight.

Short Haul Hand-luggage Essentials

Moisturiser – I take two moisturisers with me when traveling in my hand luggage. One for my face and another for my hands. Aeroplanes are one of the most dehydrating places so it is pretty important to slap on some moisturiser before take off and after you land to ensure you skin stays hydrated and doesn’t dry out.

Lip Balm – Again this goes back to my first point about moisturiser and keeping hydrated. I always have a wee pot of vaseline in my bag – especially with the winter weather creeping up on us.

Entertainment – I have made this quite a broad essential as everyone keeps themselves amused differently on a plane. No matter if the flight is 1hour or 16hours you need something to keep yourself amused. Whether it’s your iPod, iPad, Kindle, magazine or a good old fashioned book pop it in your hand luggage and the flight will fly in.

Documents – Passport, tickets, arrangements for when you land, whatever you need to get from A to B then keep it in your hand-luggage so it is easily accessible as soon as you need it.

Deodorant –Nothing worse than stepping off the plane and not being able to freshen yourself up! I keep deodorant and wipes in my hand-luggage to quickly freshen up before getting on with the rest of my trip.

So those are my Short Haul Hand-luggage Essentials, what are yours? 



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