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Fashion | The Scottish Business Awards 2015

Last Thursday I was absolutely delighted to attend my first ever business dinner and I have to say it was a good one, The Scottish Business Awards 2015. The event was attended by some of Scotland’s elite business people as well as celebrities such as Judy Murray, Chris Evans, Rob Brydon, Sir Chris Hoy and guest speak George Clooney. Yup, that’s correct I had dinner with George Clooney (and around 2000 other people).


It was amazing to hear George speak about his experiences both as a movie actor as well as all the work he has done for his charity organisation Not On Our Watch. It was really insightful to see how he uses his celebrity status and fame to try and help those who need it in South Sudan. He has worked with the UN to help ensure these people can live a life away from fear and terror as well as going to the country and helping himself. If you didn’t have a crush on George before hand, you certainly did afterwards – so charming and just seemingly an all round nice guy.

The dinner was an amazing experience for me and I am still pinching myself at the fact I got to be in a room with so many inspirational people! Heres hoping I can get invited along next year too!

P. S Can we all just take a second to appreciate the amazing job my hairdresser did on my hair? She never lets me down!

Grey Hair


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