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Beauty | Trying Arbonne

Recently I was lucky to receive a whole heap of Arbonne beauty products to try out. Tracy Young, An Independent Arbonne Consultant contacted my a few weeks back and asked if I would like to try out some products for a week. I had never used Arbonne before but had always heard amazing results and reviews from people who had, so I jumped at the chance to try some products!

Tracy completely spoiled me by sending the Clear Future Set, the SeaSource Hair Mask, the award winning Make Up Primer and their liquid foundation in porcelain to try.

Arbonne Products

The Clear Future Set

The Clear Future Set includes a deep pore blemish cleanser, exfoliating blemish pads, an intensive blemish calming lotion, a mattifying blemish lotion, and a soothing overnight mask.This range is designed for acne and blemish prone skin which was perfect for me. The best thing about these products for me was that you only had to use a small amount of each product as they are very concentrated which means a 250ml bottle goes a long, long way! 

I saw a difference in my skin within three days of using these products. My skin looked clearer, felt softer and was definitely less red and irritated. I also found that even though most exfoliating blemish pads irritate my psoriasis, these exfoliating blemish pads didn’t leaving my skin super smooth!

Seasource Hair Mask

This wonderful little hair mask can be used on the hair/scalp but also any patches of psoriasis on the skin. The hair mask has many functions: Use in place of your conditioner and leave on for three minutes for super soft hair, Use on your hair and wrap in a warm towel for 15minutes to help damaged or dry hair or finally put on patches of scalp psoriasis to leave the skin less irritated. 

With the three main functions this is definitely a product for every hair type and would be a great permanent addition to anyones hair care supply.

Make-up Primer/Liquid Foundation

Well isn’t this a match made in heaven. The award winning make up primer and super light liquid foundation, in porcelain their lightest shade, was so light and delicate on my skin it almost felt like I had nothing on! I sometimes find that with having acne, blemish and psoriasis prone skin that many foundations can feel heavy and leave my skin feeling dry and dehydrated. These products were the perfect alternative for me as I felt my skin could breath whilst not being self conscience about having any skin blemishes or imperfections showing. 

The finalI love about Arbonne products is that they are all vegan, meaning you aren’t putting any harmful or hidden chemicals on your skin! What’s not to love?

If you would like any of the products mentioned in this post or would like some more information please click here.


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