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My Last Week of 2015

My last week of 2015 was a busy one and I got to spend it in my old stomping ground of Aberdeen with some of the most wonderful people.


The week started with me attending my good friend Toni’s wedding. She was a truly beautiful bride (I cried when I saw her) and it was so nice to see her and her new husband, Mikey, so loved up and happy!


It was great to see everyone dressed up (we haven’t done this since our Grad Ball back in 2014) and I can’t wait to do it again for when the rest of the bunch get married. To look around and see all of my friends in such loved up and happy relationships is amazing. It keeps me confident that the person you are meant to be with is out there, you just have to be patient.


After 24hours in Aberdeen I quickly returned home for a day and a half before I was back up in Aberdeen to ring in the bells with the same fabulous group of people. What a laugh we had! Lots of booze, dancing and just good catch ups and banter! We have to say a massive thank you to Sean and Amy for hosting us in their new home. They were fabulous hosts and they ensured we always had food and champagne (I told you my friends were awesome).


So I saw out 2015 and brought in 2016 exactly I want to continue the year. Surrounded by good food, good champagne and the best people.

Let me know how you spent your New Years by commenting below. 

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