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ChouChou Couture, Welcome to the HOOD Life…

When I visited Wear Eponymous in December last year for the Outfit for every occasion task they set me, you may remember I fell in love with the Hollywood Kitty Indigo ChouChou Couture HOOD they had in store.


The HOOD was beautiful. Super soft, super cosy and super chic. I HAD to have it. I was a women obsessed and was considering going to the shop the next day to buy it when the beautiful and ever so lovely Silvia got in touch asking if I would to become a HOOD Girl I could hardly contain my excitement. Like seriously, I did a wee dance and everything! I quickly placed my order and before I knew it my HOOD was on its way to me.



I had to wait extremely patiently as the HOOD was coming all the way from the Spanish city of Barcelona for my parcel to arrive. With it being the festive period I knew it would take a few days extra to arrive than what had been planned.

When the HOOD arrived a few days after Christmas, I was buzzing with excitement. It was like a late christmas present to me, from me! The parcel came beautifully wrapped with a cute note from Silvia for her “Wee Blondie” (I have to say, the postman was quite confused when he turned up stating he was looking for someone called theweeblondie!)


I love this HOOD. It is super cosy and will definitely keep me warm against the West Coast of Scotland’s blustering winter gales. There are many ways to wear the HOOD and I can’t wait to style it again and again!

ChouChou Couture

If you would like to check out all of Silvia’s beautiful ChouChou Couture HOODS then visit here website: ChouChou Couture.

Will you be becoming a HOOD Girl soon?

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  1. 5th January 2016 / 10:37 AM

    Oh my gosh so cute! Look at the little ears! <3

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