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Wear Eponymous 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday I was absolutely delighted to help celebrate Wear Eponymous 2nd Birthday.  If you live in Glasgow and haven’t heard of Wear Eponymous I am not too sure what rock you have been hiding under for the past year.

Wear Eponymous

Wear Eponymous translates as wear your own style and they describe themselves “imploring you to dress for yourself and be your own story. Follow the crowd when you choose but do it at your own pace and stand out in that crowd! Support independent brands and emerging designers, see the value in products produced by an artisan in their field and feel safe in the knowledge that the sales chain was safe, secure and fair.”

GustoThey are the coolest and newest concept store in Glasgow comprised of the best independent designer goodies which are made in Scotland. They are all about shopping local and supporting independent retailers – What is not to love?

Girl Meets Brush

Some of the amazing brands at the party was Isle of Rhona, Beer52, Gusto and Girl Meets Brush.

Isle of Rhona

It was great to see so many people turn out to celebrate the store at their home in Princes Square, Glasgow. If you have not already gone to visit them, go on in! They sell the most amazing items ever and have the friendliest, nicest staff around – Great fashion and great customer service, what more could you want in a store?


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