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Must Do Attractions In Amsterdam

I completely loved my time in Amsterdam as you could probably tell from my Exploring Amsterdam post. I thought I would share my favourite attractions in Amsterdam that I explored and I think you should definitely go and see if you are ever in the city!

Exploring Amsterdam

  1.  Anne Franks House
    Did you know you can (try to) book tickets for Anne Franks House before you go to Amsterdam? There are only a very few tickets available for each day however it is a good idea to try and book before you go. I would have tried to do this had I known well in advance of going. Luckily we only had to wait 45-minutes – 1-hour to get in but I do know of people who have waited in the queue for over an hour without moving! I would definitely advise going and trying to get in even if you are not lucky enough to get tickets online. It is a truly thought-provoking and historical building that everyone should see and learn from.
  2. Vondelpark
    Vondelpark is seriously beautiful and tranquil for lovely stroll in some rare peace and quiet from the city surrounding it. My advice though – watch out for bikes! They have priority and right of way on the paths!
  3. Sight Seeing Hop-on Hop-off Canal Tour
    In Amsterdam you can do both a Sight Seeing Hop-on Hop-off Canal Tour or bus tour. We didn’t do the bus tour but would really recommend the canal tour. See all the city has to offer plus learn lots of facts about the local architecture you see whilst enjoying a ride up the canals! Another great benefit is you can get to all the sights you need to without worrying about getting lost as the boat drops you literally outside the front door for most attractions!
  4. Sex Museum 
    Yes, it’s a little weird and creepy but a must see when in the city! Seriously, it is a real eye-opener!
  5. Dam Square 
    Dam Square is surrounded by beautiful architecture, cute cafes and great shops for locals and tourists a like! Grab a coffee and admire the hustle and bustle of the square filled with tourists, locals, markets and groups!

What would you recommend going to see in Amsterdam?


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