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The Future Against Terror

Do you remember where you were when you heard about 9/11? What about the Madrid Train Bombings or the London 7/7 attacks?

Terror attacks by Extremist are something which sadly is becoming a daily occurrence. When I googled terror attacks over the last two years (2015/2016), I was shocked to discover that these attacks happen almost daily and most aren’t reported on the news.

After the attacks in Brussels last month a friend of mine who studies in Antwerp and his fellow student went out and asked the youth of Antwerp their feelings about the attacks and the fact it may happen in their city.

I ask Thibeau to tell me a little more about the project. He said ” Simon and I reacted pretty cool after what happened in Brussels. But everyone around us, friends, family, teachers etc were really freaking out. And actually they were right. Antwerp, the city we are studying in, is the only other Belgian city with an underground network and loads of students take the metro every day. So we had the idea to show the Antwerp students and youth three pictures concerning the terrorist attacks. One of the ruined metro, one of the offenders and lastly a picture of police in the Antwerp streets. We asked them about their feelings towards these images. And it worked out very well.”

“I hope this video inspires young people to do something with their opinion on terror because just having an opinion is not enough to overcome it.”

The video is slightly haunting. It brings a realisation that this could and can happen anywhere. It also hits home exactly what Thibeau and Simon are trying to do. Encourage young people to stand up and do something about terrorism. Like Thibeau said having an opinion is not enough, we have to do something with the opinion in order for positive changes to start happening. 

What did you think of the video?


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