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A Psoriasis Update

Recently my facial psoriasis has taken a little dip and I am not really too sure why.

It has become incredibly raw and itchy even though I haven’t made any changes to my diet, exercise regime, medication or products. It is bizarre.

The littlest things can set of psoriasis and we aren’t always sure what they are. I have being doing some more research and reading into psoriasis to see if there is anything I can do which will help my skin in the meantime. I have a huge list of questions to ask the doctor the next time I see them and hopefully we can finally get to the bottom of the cause.

I don’t go back to the dermatologist for another month so until then I will have to sit tight and hope it doesn’t get any worse.


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  1. Kerri Maguire
    8th September 2016 / 6:26 PM

    Have you used something your allergic to? I have psoriasis and find allergies make it way way worse. Mine is largely on my scalp, shins and elbows. I also find being too warm or stressed makes it worse too. I use cool nettle tea on my skin when it’s bad and it works great! Lemme know if you want the recipe.

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