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Blusho – The New Way To Shop Make-up

If Instagram, Polyvore and Sephora had a baby, it would probably be Blusho… Doesn’t it sound like the dream child?

If you love browsing beauty on Instagram or Pinterest, chances are you’ve been in that situation.You’ve found a look you love, a liquid lipstick you need, but there’s no mention of what that product is!

Enter Blusho.

Blusho is a beauty-dedicated platform that connects makeup artists, product junkies, beauty browsers, brands and shoppers – anyone and everyone that loves makeup. It lets users see how beauty products really look on and the different ways those products can be used, amazing right?

The new social platform allows users to upload pictures of their own makeup looks, giving other users the option to shop the exact products used. Hello ‘shoppable selfies!


So if you’re scrolling your feed and are struck by serious lash envy, you can immediately see the exact mascara used, then buy it. And on the flipside, if you’ve been thinking about a certain product but aren’t sure what it really looks like, just search for it on Blusho and you’ll have your answer (and inspiration!) in no time.

Each image has a title, description, the products used, and is categorised by style or technique. So if you want to find inspiration for a ‘Glam’ look using ‘Too Faced’ products or maybe you need ideas for Ombre Lips – no problem.

What makes Blusho amazing, is the mix of content and commerce – make up artists and beauty lovers are already uploading their images across social media, sharing tips and tutorials – Blusho takes it to the next level. It connects users with inspirations but also the means to achieve the reality in one simple click.

Nowadays, if we’re shopping online, it’s not enough to see pictures of a dress against a white background. No, we want to see that dress on a real person – not a mannequin (remember those days) but a real live person. And don’t forget that we probably want to see that person walking up and down a catwalk, doing a few twirls, see what it looks like from all angles… then we might think about clicking Buy.

For too long we’ve had to guess how a beauty product might look on, buy it based on a packaging picture or digital swatches of the shade, that were so not true to life btw.

No, that’s so last year. The ‘catwalk’ for the beauty products has arrived, and it will change the way you shop makeup forever.


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