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‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’: Giorgia Lanuzza

Psoriasis affects between 2 – 3% of the UK population, and is characterised by red, flaky patches of skin covered with silvery scales. And in a world where perfection is everything, it can make the sufferer feel overwhelmed and lacking in confidence.

That’s why Giorgia Lanuzza, 25, is special.

With 97% of her body covered in psoriasis, she took the bold decision to strip for the camera and encouraged the world to reappraise what it means to be beautiful through her bold self-portraiture work.


Her story made headlines in 2015, and now she’s fronting a new campaign sponsored by Exorex called ‘I Am Beautiful’ to inspire people to realise that their own individual beauty is more than skin deep.

“My psoriasis looks like red, raised spots, and I felt so self-conscious about the condition – that it was ruining my life,” explains Giorgia. “Finally I have come to terms with my skin and have realised that I am beautiful. I’m proud of my psoriasis as it reminds me that I’m strong.”

The campaign was launched on Wednesday 8th June 2016 with a seminar to discuss the meaning of beauty lead by Giorgia Lanuzza, as well as talks from renowned portrait-artist Brock Elbank, known for his striking Beards photoseries at Somerset House, and leading mindfulness expert Suryacitta Malcolm Smith.

Giorgia Lanuzza

Sadly I was unable to make it down to London for the event but as a girl with psoriasis I fully support this campaign and what Giorgia is trying to do! At the end of the day we are all beautiful no matter what!

I was delighted when Exorex wanted to send me their goodie box even though I missed out! I can’t wait to note down all my positive thoughts and psoriasis kicking ideas in my new journal and planting the seeds so they blossom!


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