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Psoriasis Update: Dairy Free Lifestyle

Around a month ago I went to see a nutritionalist about whether my diet was causing my psoriasis to flare up.

After chatting for a little and conducting some tests I was told to immediately cut out dairy from my diet as well as avoiding tuna, prawns and aspartame. Plus I was told to re-introduce meat into my diet. I had stopped eating meat to try and clear up my psoriasis. Note to self, stop self diagnosing because usually you are wrong.

As a cheese and cake lover I was devastated. No more chilli sauce soaked chips dipped in blue cheese sauce. I can forget having a large slice of chocolate cheesecake afterwards, or so I thought.

The number of dairy free alternatives and options available in stores is incredible. You can buy anything from non-dairy milk to cream cheese or ice-cream to cheesecake. Basically if you want it their is a dairy free alternative and if it is not pre-made you can find a kick-ass dairy free alternative online.

Removing dairy from my diet has not been as difficult as I first thought. Though you would be surprised by the amount of products that have dairy.  I’ve been following a tomato based diet allowing me to have curries, chillies and pasta. Thai and Chinese food are everything to me as they are coconut not dairy based.

I haven’t venture too much into eating out yet and I am not sure how that will be. The restaurants I have been too have been extremely accommodating and made sure I have been well fed!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m desperate to have a big four cheese pizza but I’m sure I’ll find a non-dairy alternative soon enough!

What are your tips for a Non-Dairy diet? 



  1. 10th September 2016 / 2:43 PM

    I too suffer from psoriasis and find cutting out both dairy and gluten has helped clear it up a bit, it’s never totally shifted but at least it’s less red and scaly. I was quite surprised too at how much foods contain milk that you wouldn’t expect to contain it but sometimes I just have to have something dairy like cheese or ice cream. I don’t have it that often but it means I really enjoy it when I do. Oh btw those carrot cake Nakd bars are so good.

  2. 11th September 2016 / 3:54 PM

    I follow a vegan diet so can totally relate to you cutting out dairy from your diet. It definitely isn’t as difficult as you think it will be because there really is a dairy-free alternative to pretty much everything! Eating out is usually okay too, and Glasgow has the best vegan places so you should definitely check out some of those as it’s guaranteed that everything will be dairy free :)
    Nicole xxx

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