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TSB Local Pride – Refuweegee

When TSB got in touch with me and asked me to get involved with their TSB Local Pride campaign I could not wait to tell you all about a local community-led charity inspiring myself and others.

TSB is proud to be part of a community where people help people and we all thrive together. That’s why TSB partner with Pride of Britain, the only awards event in the UK honouring everyday unsung heroes because they celebrate and enable people doing that too.

An amazing local community-led charity that inspires me and others that do amazing things in the Glasgow community is Refuweegee


Refuweegee is a community-led charity set up to ensure that all refugees arriving in Glasgow are welcomed to the city in true Glaswegian style. Refuweegee wants to make sure that when people arrive in Scotland they receive the welcome they deserve and few useful tips too (after all they are arriving somewhere completely unknown to them), plus they provide everyone who wishes the opportunity to get involved and make a difference to each person arriving in our wonderous city. 

Every Refuweegee who arrives in our wonderful city is provided with a community built welcome pack. Each pack contains three categories of items; essentials, Glasgow welcome and ‘letters from the locals’ and as a result of the final category, each pack will be completely individual to each person arriving. What more could you want when coming to a brand new city? 

Communities are so important in our lives to help us thrive and be happy, Refuweegee instils that community spirit right from the very beginning of that person’s journey in Scotland. 

Who inspires you in your community? Nominate someone here!

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This post is in partnership with and sponsored by TSB Local Pride.


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