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Magnitone London Brand Ambassador

A few weeks ago the lovely people over at Magnitone got in touch and asked if I would like to be a Magnitone London Brand Ambassador. I jumped at the chance as I have a complete obsession with skincare and products that can help the process. 

Magnitone is an award-winning brand who’ve made it their mission to make our skin buzz by uniquely toning and conditioning it. Magntione is endorsed by Good Housekeeping Institute as Top Electrical cleansing device and won Best New Electrical Product at The Pure Beauty Awards.

With products for your face and feet plus an all over body cleanser, there is a product for everyone. Magnitone even designed a cleansing brush for men to deep cleanse, exfoliate and condition skin, even under facial hair! Remeber, a good skincare routine is for everyone! 

With facial psoriasis (I still have a stubborn patch on my forehead that just won’t go away) and acne, my skincare routine is so important to me. Using the Magnitone Barefaced! cleansing brush really compliments my skin and all its issues. It does not irritate my psoriasis as I am only using the brush for a few seconds on the patch. This means I remove the dry, dead skin without causing irritation. A win-win situation if you ask me! I also noticed reduced redness with my acne and spots to tend to break the surface as much now. Again, a win-win situation! 

So that is why I chose to become a Magnitone London Brand Ambassador. Over the coming months, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on their products and its effect on my skin. Keep an eye on here, youtube channel and Instagram for more previews and tips on how to use the products! 

Do you use Magnitone Products?

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