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Celebrities with Psoriasis

Believe it or not even celebrities get bad skin days and have skin conditions. Below is a list of celebrities with psoriasis, who have spoken out about how the skin condition affects them. 

Liam Gallagher

Oasis frontman and British Rock and Roll legend Liam Gallagher spoke about his experience with the skin condition in 2011 with GQ Magazine. Liam admitted that he deals with rashes all over his body with the exception of his face. He also said that the skin condition has caused him to have periods of bad dandruff, so much so that one of his fans mistook it for illicit drugs stuck in his hair.

Kim Kardashian-West 

Kim has spoken quite openly about her psoriasis on the popular TV show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and has even had some of her dermatology appointments about the skin condition filmed for inclusion in the show. In fact, she actually showed her diagnosis of the condition on a 2011 episode of the show.  During the episode she told her dermatologist that she was familiar with the hereditary condition since her mother, Kris Jenner also has psoriasis. She no longer tries to hide the condition that mostly appears on her legs but sometimes her face sayings she’s learned to live with it and accept the occasional flares as just part of who she is. We couldn’t agree more Kim! 

LeAnne Rimes

That’s right, two-time Grammy-winning singer LeAnne Rimes has had the condition from a young age. She decided to speak out about the condition in 2008 as part of the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation’s “Stop Hiding, Start Living” psoriasis awareness campaign.

CarrieDee English

Yup, that’s right. Even models get psoriasis.The Cycle 7 winner of America’s Next Top Model made a career out of being beautiful — despite many days when she feels anything but. Diagnosed with psoriasis as a child, she has occasionally had outbreaks so severe they’ve covered 70 percent of her body. She released photos of herself in 2010 before and after a particularly bad psoriasis flare-up. She wanted to make it a source of empowerment and help other people with the condition.

Other models to have the condition include Cara Delevingne who during a red carpet appearance to promote her movie Suicide Squad, was photographed with red, itchy-looking sores down her back and arms—signs of a psoriasis flare up. The model has spoken in the past about her experience with stress-related psoriasis, which she says she discovered in 2013 during hectic, back-to-back modelling jobs at Paris Fashion Week.

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