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Magnitone Blend Up Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush

..Magnitone have really done in again with their new product launched on the 1st October 2017. The Magnitone Blend Up Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush allows you to flawlessly blend your makeup and helps to stimulate your skin for a naturally healthier finish. As you may know, I am a brand ambassador for Magnitone and was so excited to receive this product and try it out before they officially launch this incredible product.

The brush allows you to apply either liquid or powder makeup like a professional in seconds. The brush gently massages the products into your skin giving you the softest skin with an airbrushed finish freeing your skin from clumping, clogged pores, edge-lines and strikes. The product has some incredible features which I really love.

It also comes with the ultra-soft all-rounder, smoothBLEND which is a flat-topped brush head specifically designed to blend, contour, tint, bush and bronze your makeup. However, Magnitone has also created two other brush heads, featherBLEND and buffBLEND. This allows you to switch up the heads to hone, diffuse and stipple your look even further. All of the brush heads are treated with Biomaster, an antibacterial shield based on natural silver-ion technology. These fibres prevent any nasties from cross-contaminating to help reduce unwanted breakouts – perfect if you have problem skin just like me! Biomaster never leaks, washes away or disappears so your brush is protected for life! 

The brush also comes with two speeds as well as a cleaning mode. Plus USB charging and smart travel power-lock to ensure you don’t waste any of the battery accidentally in transit. 

I tried the brush twice over the weekend and am completely obsessed by it. My makeup went on flawlessly and only took seconds to apply. For girls like me, who are quite lazy when it comes to makeup, it is a dream. 

The product officially launches on 1st October for £70 from Magnitone, Look Fantastic or Amazon in either black or white. 

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