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Skincare Routine for Psoriasis

When you have psoriasis, especially on your face, you might not be sure what to do for your skincare routine.

Over the years I have perfected my skincare routine to accomadate both my psoraisis and acne. This has reduced flare ups and doesn’t irritate already flared skin. 

Below is the routine I have found the best skincare routine for psoriasis. Well, for my psoriasis and acne anyways. 

Keep it Simple

With my irritated, dry, sensitive, combination skin finding products that work can be tricky. I try to ensure that the products I use are natural and don’t test on animals (why is that even still a thing?). The most important thing about getting your skincare routine for psoriasis is that it works for your skin, not anyone elses. 

Removing My Makeup

When removing my makeup I like to use nothing but water and the magic that is Wipeout! Cleasning Cloth by Magnitone. The cloth removes even my toughest mascara plus long-wear and oil-based makeup, with just warm water! The cloth is super soft and perfect for use on sensitive skin as no cleanser is needed to be used on irritated skin. How does this mage cloth work? Well, the WipeOut! microfibres swell up when wet, grabbing hold of makeup particles and trapping them away, removing all makeup. You can use the cloth 1000 times and is machine washable. Plus you get two in a pack, so when one is in the wash, you have the other one ready to use! 

Cleanser and Moisturise

I’ve made no sceret that right now my favourtie skin products are the Beauty Kitchen Oil Natural Cream Cleanser and Everlasting radience moisturiser. I apply the cleasner to my face and then use my Magnitone Barefaced Daily Cleansing Brush. The cleansing brush deep-cleanses my pores, tones and beautifully conditions my skin, leaving it so soft to touch. Once I have used the brush (20 seconds on my t-zone and 1 minute on my cheeks and chin) I remove the cleanser with warm water and pat my skin dry. Then I apply a good amount on the Beauty Kitchen moisturiser to my skin and leave to dry. This is the skincare routine I follow at night to ensure I have removed all the dirt from my face. 

What does your skincare routine for psoriasis look like? 

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