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Managing a Psoriasis Flare-up

When you are having a psoriasis flare-up it can be hard to see the light at the end of the itchy tunnel. Managing a psoriasis flare-up isn’t always the easiest of tasks but there are ways to get you through. 

Keep Your Skin Moisturised 

Keeping your skin moisturised can be underrated during a flare-up but goes a long way to prevent or worsen dry, itchy skin. Keeping your skin moisturised also reduces redness in the skin making the flare-up easier to manage. It is best to use heavy moisturisers such as Cetraben. Cetraben is also fragrance-free meaning it won’t dry out your skin even more. 

Putting moisturisers in the fridge during a flare-up keeps them nice and cold for when applying, soothing the skin further.  

Stay Hydrated 

Drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated is good for your skin in general. I know this one sounds obvious and simple but it is the one that is the easiest tips that people allow to fall through the cracks. Hydration starts from the inside and your body is 60% water so ensure you are drinking plenty of water! 

Take A (Short) Bath 

Take a soak in a lukewarm bath with lots of Epsom or Dead Sea salts to help reduce the itchiness caused by the flare-up. Make sure you keep the bath to a maximum of 20 minutes and ensure you moisturiser immediately after.  Pat drying your skin also helps lock in moisture and will not irritate the skin with rubbing. 

Watch Your Diet

There has not been a definite link between psoriasis and diet, however, evidence what you eat can increase the risk of a flare-up. Watch your diet during a flare-up and try to avoid foods that may irritate the skin more. For example, I know that dairy irritates my skin so I try to avoid it as much as possible to avoid a flare-up. I did see a nutritionist before I made the decision to avoid dairy, you should never make these decisions without consulting a professional about it. 

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