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Psoriasis Update: Humira – One Year On

I can’t believe that I have been on the biogelic injection Humira for over a year now. I meant to share this update with you in January when it was exactly one year, but hey better late than never right?

I have noticed a massive difference in my skin since using the biogelic. At first, my skin cleared completely for around 6 months but now I have mostly clear skin with small patches on my forehead, around my ears, on my lower back and scalp. It is nothing in comparison to how it was before I started the treatment! I honestly cannot believe the difference this treatment has made! 

I have been really lucky to not have had any side effects whilst taking the medication. As the medication is so new I have been being monitored by the hospital and have to go every three months to get tests to ensure that everything going on inside my body is fine and it’s not just my skin that’s looking good (remember, psoriasis is related to your immune system and is way more than just a skin condition). 

For the other little bits of psoriasis on my forehead, behind my ears, lower back and scalp I use steroid creams prescribed by my doctor and moisturisers to keep them from drying out my skin completely. I am also trying to improve my diet and exercising three times a week to help with my skin! In March, I am going to stop drinking alcohol to see if this helps with the remaining patches of psoriasis that I still have!  

I have my next Doctors appointment in a few weeks and hope to continue with Humira. Have you tried Humira? If so, how do you find the treatment?

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