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Let’s Talk… An unexpected hiatus

This year I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. It wasn’t intentional, but somehow in six months, I had only written 6 blog posts. Before that I hadn’t been writing that much either and to be honest, I am not too sure why.

I had plenty of things I could have written about; psoriasis, the return of my acne or my latest travel adventures. Maybe it was writer’s block or maybe I was just feeling too lazy to write. I just can’t quite put my finger on why I wasn’t writing. 

When I finally sat down to potentially write and look at the blog in June, I wasn’t happy with how it looked or felt. It didn’t seem like me anymore. I hadn’t re-designed the blog in around 3 years which may have had something to do with it – but in the end that was only aesthetic.

So, I made a decision. I shut down the blog for a month. I chose a new design (thank you pipdig), changed or removed posts I didn’t love or didn’t reflect what I wanted theweeblondie to be and set to work on writing posts that did reflect what I wanted theweeblondie to be. 

I also made the decision to make my blog pretty niche, so I will now cover three topics; psoriasis, skincare and lifestyle (related to psoriasis, ance, or other health-related bits and bobs that fall under lifestyle). 

If there are any posts that you would like to see or read about, let me know! I want this to be a space where I answer your questions (the best I can, I am no doctor or dermatologist and can only speak from experience of living with these conditions). 

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