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Psoriasis Update: Medication Free for Now

In my last psoriasis update in February I told you about how I was continuing to do well on the biogelic Humira despite having a few patches reappear on my forehead, scalp, behind my ears and lower back. At the time I wrote the post these patches were really small and not causing any issues for me. Sadly, this didn’t last long. 

Unfortunately, the patches on my lower back (pretty much my bottom) started to get a lot worse and cause me immense irritation and discomfort. Psoriasis and an office job where you sit most of the day really do not go well together. I also started feeling incredibly fatigued and my skin felt ‘hot’ and itchy all the time. Has anyone else experienced their skin feeling ‘hot’ with psoriasis?

I persevered for a few weeks as I knew I had an upcoming dermatologists appointment. I wrote down my symptoms from the past few weeks before the appointment and I knew what I wanted the outcome to be. I was ready to come off all medication for a while. Considering I had constantly been on some form of medically prescribed treatment for five years for my psoriasis (almost constantly) this was a big decision – and not one I thought my dermatologist would take with me. 

I went into the appointment, explained what had been going on with my skin and suggested coming off the medication. I told my doctor I knew this might mean I would no longer get regular appointments with her and would have to start the psoriasis doctor/dermatologist ladder again, but it was something I was ready to do. Her answer completely surprised me. She said a two-month break was right for me as my body needed (and deserved) a break. She also said that she would never remove me from her clinic because I wanted to take a break in medication and that we had worked too hard together to get my psoriasis under control for me to leave. Having had (and heard some of your) horrendous dermatologist stories, I am so lucky to have a dermatologist who is on my team and understands that we need to work together to help my psoriasis as well as looking at all aspects that relate to the condition – not just medication. 

Last month I went for another checkup after the two-month break. I was so happy (and a little surprised) when I sat down and was asked what I wanted to do about my treatment. I was given a few options but said I was happy with not being on heavy duty medication for the first time in many years. My Dr agreed it must be nice and gave me some cream and ointments to use just in case of a flare-up. 

So currently, I am medication free and have two small psoriasis patches. It’s great to be in this position and I am really enjoying being medication and pretty much psoriasis free! I know it may not be forever so I must enjoy it while I can!

I have another appointment in January and will keep you updated then! 

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  1. Kirsty
    1st September 2018 / 9:12 AM

    Fab news Jude!!! I totally understand what you mean about medication especially if you’ve been on medication for so long!!!

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