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Thérapie Clinic Laser Hair Removal

A few months ago I finished my laser hair removal treatment with Thérapie Clinic, where I had been getting my underarms, bikini and legs treated.

I wrote a blog about how I was finding the treatments in March when I was at the halfway point. Now that my treatments are complete, I thought I would write another post about how I found it and my thoughts a few months on.

Firstly, Thérapie Clinic was amazing to be treated by. Not only are they Europe and the UK’s No.1 Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinic, but they were also so nice, kind and answered any questions or queries I had. This was particularly useful for me as during my treatment, as I change psoriasis medication twice and also started having a psoriasis flare during my final treatments. To know I was able to pick up the phone and ask the team questions was so comforting. They really worked with me to ensure I got the most out of my treatments, without irritating my psoriasis or putting my skin at risk.  

Now, let’s talk about the treatments. When I mentioned to people that I was having this done, I got asked a lot about the pain or if it was sore. I didn’t find the treatments sore personally. As someone with a very low pain threshold, it is not difficult for me to find something painful. A few times it did nip but I wouldn’t say it was any sorer than getting waxed. If you do find it to sore, you can speak to your consultant about adjusting the treatment but bare in mind this may make the treatment less effective.

I have been really happy with the results of my treatment. I would say I have seen a 70% reduction in my bikini line and underarms, with an 80% reduction in my legs. I love the fact that I don’t have to get waxed monthly and barely have to shave these days either – one less thing to think about in the beauty routine!

I would highly recommend going to Thérapie Clinic for hair removal treatments. If you have any questions, let me know if the comments below! 

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