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The Best Facial Psoriasis Skincare Saviours

The best facial psoriasis skincare saviours are hard to find. But I think I might have found mine (for now anyways).

When first diagnosed with psoriasis, my skincare routine went out of the window. I was so scared to put anything on my skin in fear it would irritate or make my psoriasis worse.

After a few years, I finally realised that putting nothing but medication and makeup on my face (and I was removing with wipes – yuck), was probably so much worse for me than having a routine. You see, I was massively neglecting and not looking after my skin at all. Not only was this not helpful for my psoriasis, but the rest of my skin was suffering too.

It took me a long time to find products that work for me and to be honest, and these still change every few months.

Early this year I shared with you my top tips for facial psoriasis. But in this post, I am going to share with you the best facial psoriasis skincare saviours that I am currently using and why I love them so much.

The best facial psoriasis skincare saviours for removing makeup

Two words that use to scare me more than anything when it came to skincare was ‘double cleanse’. I didn’t think my skin could handle cleansing it twice and that it would irritate my already sensitised skin.

Here’s the thing I was SO wrong. After educating myself on what double cleansing is, I realised that I was already double cleansing without realising. And because I wear makeup and suncream every day I have to double cleanse!

In my evening routine, I use Lush Ultrabalm cleanser. I rub this into my face and neck, ensuring that I am removing all traces of makeup and suncream before washing off using the Magnitone Bamboo Face Cloth. Removing makeup and suncream is phase one of the double cleanse. For phase two, I use a hydrating cleansing milk. Phase two removes everything else or might have missed from phase one and bam; my double cleanse is complete!

These two products work wonders on my skin and don’t leave my psoriasis irritated. In fact, my skin feels incredible after using this duo.

If you are still unsure or would like some no-nonsense advice on double cleansing, check out Caroline Hirons ‘Double Cleansing Cheat Sheet‘.

The best facial psoriasis skincare saviour for keeping skin hydrated overnight

If you haven’t heard of Weleda’s Skin Food, then I am not sure what rock you have been hiding under.

The cream for dry and rough skin has created a cult-like following amongst beauty bloggers and psoriasis warriors alike.

I love to put a layer of this on just before I go to bed. It keeps my psoriasis patches hydrated, and I wake up in the morning to soft feeling skin. It’s incredible.

A little of this product does go along away and is exceptional for all dry patches – not just your face!

The best facial psoriasis skincare saviour for hydration touch-ups during the day

During the day, sometimes your skin needs a little pick me up, or if a patch is getting super irritated, it’s helpful to put some product on it to sooth the irritation.

Because of this, I always keep a tube of Glossier. Priming Moisturiser in my bag. This super buildable, hydrating cream is great to use first thing in the morning and for wee top ups during the day.

It is super absorbent and leaves the skin feeling instantly hydrated and softer! Perfect for those little moments where you just want to tear your skin off (you get this too right?).

So those are my best facial psoriasis skincare saviours. Leave me a note in the comment to tell me what yours are and why, or if there is something I have missed or need to try!

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  1. Sue Preston
    26th April 2020 / 9:23 AM

    I am going to order these items on line. My psoriasis is really bad at the minute – it is even around my eyes. Although my whole body is covered it is only recently that my face has started to become affected. I will certainly try your routine and let you know how I get on. Thank you

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